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Buddy Broussard

Buddy Broussard.jpg

Vice President, Sifting Services

Buddy Broussard leads and manages the Sifting Services teams that are responsible for delivering LegalSifter Organize Concierge. He helps design the future of our contract-administration-as-a-service offering. Buddy has three decades of experience in contracts. Buddy spent nearly 9 years in several project management and contract leadership roles in BP's Upstream Procurement & Supply Management group. He spent 2 years as a commercial manager at FMC Technologies, where he built and led a commercial management team accountable for developing, negotiating, and managing the performance of contracts with strategic customers. He also completed nearly 10 years in private practice, 18 months at a B2B marketplace startup, and 4 years running his own custom home builder business. Buddy earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Texas School of Law and his Bachelor of Arts degree in English & Philosophy from Rice University.

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