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Todd Yocum


Chief Operating Officer

Todd serves our development teams (Data Science, Content Development, and Software Engineering), Security, IT, Purchasing, Quality, Product Management, and Sifting Services as their senior manager

Todd has most recently served as the VP of Global Product Development at Bacharach, a global gas detection instrumentation company focused on the HVAC market. At Bacharach, Todd led the integration for four disparate global engineering teams, improved engineering processes around regulatory compliance and change management, focused product management/development resources on a common platform design and differentiated product features and continued to the management teams two successful change of ownership transactions. Prior to Bacharach, Todd held several senior Operations and Product Development leadership roles at a company now owned by Teledyne. There, Todd led Operation integration and Lean initiatives across IST's six manufacturing plants and was responsible for implementing the Johnson Controls Manufacturing System at their Detcon plant, where he served as plant manager. Todd also served long tenured roles at Medrad, a Pittsburgh-based Medical Device company, now owned by Bayer. Todd has personal competencies in lean and six sigma, earned an MBA from Carnegie Mellon, and earned two Bachelor of Science degrees in Engineering from West Virginia University. 

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