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After You Sign: Contract Intelligence Solutions

Learn about our Combined Intelligence products used after you sign agreements.

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Image by Wesley Tingey

Read through thousands of pages in minutes with LegalSifter Organize, an AI app loaded with 1,850+ Sifters. Your team will sift the data it needs to run your organization quickly.


Contract pains cured include:

  • Hidden risks.

  • Too much scrolling.

  • Missed deadlines.

  • Inconsistent data quality.

With LegalSifter Organize Concierge, we keep your documents and data organized for you with our AI and people. We guarantee accuracy and, at your option, include a contract database.


Contract pains cured include:

  • Feeling out of control.

  • Can't find agreements or terms.

  • Poor contract software implementation.

  • No ongoing contract administrative support.

Don't Buy CLM.png

Buying contract lifecycle management software and administering it on your own is the wrong strategy for most. Most report that "our contracts are a mess ... we don’t know where they are or what we have signed."

Have you ever organized all of your contracts ...

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