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Brand Ambassador Program

What is CloverContracts?

CloverContracts is a software tool powered by artificial intelligence that reviews residential lease agreements for apartments, condominiums, flats, lofts, or houses. It offers in-context advice from real estate experts for understanding and negotiating the most commonly used terms and conditions, all in a minute or two!

CloverContracts is looking for passionate, energetic, socially-minded students to promote our product in the marketplace. Our Brand Ambassadors educate students, alumni, parents and friends about CloverContracts and its benefits. 

Clover Contracts Brand Ambassadors

Let’s be real here. 

It’s not a good idea to sign a contract without knowing what it is you’re being asked to agree to...period. The vast majority of tenants will not contact an attorney for help; traditional law firms are too expensive and too slow. Signing a legal agreement without help introduces risks. These risks can potentially be severe and costly. CloverContracts offers a better way.

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CloverContracts makes lease review easy.

Step 1: Tenants upload their lease into CloverContracts.

Step 2: CloverContracts sifts the lease using artificial intelligence in a minute or two, offering in-context advice drafted by real estate attorneys. CloverContracts offers plain English explanations for complex legal jargon, so tenants know what they are being asked to sign.

Step 3: Tenants edit their lease in CloverContracts and export it to Word, Google Docs or any other word processing application. That's it!

Tenants also receive a complimentary “Top 25 Tenant Best Practices” article, drafted by industry experts, so they can be better prepared to negotiate with their landlord.

And I care...why?

If you’ve ever rented an apartment, you know that a lease is intimidating. You're expected to simply sign it and move in. We’ve seen far too many situations where the tenant has no idea what they are signing. Using CloverContracts to review the lease before signing it empowers tenants to understand their rights. It helps prevent tenants signing leases they should not sign.

How do you get involved?

We are looking for energetic college students to bring CloverContracts to their university! College students rent a lot of apartments. We are looking for Brand Ambassadors to promote CloverContracts on campus and through social media. We are offering remote, commission-based work for students looking to help their peers more safely and affordably enter into lease agreements.

What do we expect?

Our Brand Ambassadors engage with students, alumni, peers, and neighbors daily. They are creative, active on social media, outgoing, and passionate about empowering others to “sift before you sign.” They liaise with students, administration and community members to promote and hype the benefits of CloverContracts.  They are a part of a growing movement to bring affordable lease review to everyone.

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Join Us

Upload a cover letter and your resume. Tell us why you would make a good Brand Ambassador in 500 words or less. Help your fellow students with their leases.

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