Clean, deduplicate, and organize your own contract data.

Scroll less, extract fast

25-75% time saved pulling, de-duplicating, and organizing contract data.

Simple pricing

Pay one clear rate for each sifted document, no matter the file size or page length.

Secure cloud storage

Our software sits inside of Amazon Web Services cloud services platform.

Quick setup

Pick your Sifters, train users, upload files, and start sifting in an hour or so.

Export in seconds

Download your data into a spreadsheet for further analysis or reporting.

File types welcome

Bulk upload contracts in all common image formats, including PDF.

ContractSifter has many applications.

Legacy Contract Load
Clean contract data before loading it into a new contract database.
Due Diligence
Quickly assess the risk and change of control implications in contracts.
Supply Chain Management
Audit contracts for compliance to your playbook. Never miss renewal dates.
Contract Analysis
Understand contract data and prepare for the next urgent request.
Intelligent software to make contract clean-up less painful.
Lease Accounting Changes
Speed up lease abstraction work and satisfy the new FASB and IASB lease accounting standards.
Regulatory Compliance
Satisfy record-keeping regulatory requirements in financial services.
Know what you sold, when you sold it, and when to renew.
Legal Process Outsourcing
Expand your margins, improve quality, and speed up document work by 25%-75%.
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American Inns of Court Members Special Pricing

American Inns of Court members and alumni receive a 5% discount on ContractSifter software pricing. Contact us for more details.


Stop spending money on scrolling.

When faced with stacks of documents to review, most teams have nothing other than Adobe, Word, and a spreadsheet. They might have a keyword search, but mostly they rely on their wits and a scroll bar. 

Use ContractSifter​.


Apply practical artificial intelligence to data extraction projects that's faster, saves money, and produces higher quality data than traditional tools.

ContractSifter Demo
ContractSifter Demo
Colorful Sifter Library

ContractSifter clients have access to hundreds of Sifters in our Sifter Library.

We offer our clients a growing library of pre-trained models to use for their ContractSifter projects.

Learn more about our Sifters >

Case Study: Global 500 Bank


A Global 500 bank hired a supply chain services partner to extract and clean 24 terms and conditions from 20,000+ purchasing contracts. They purchased ContractSifter for the last 25% of the project.

Before ContractSifter.


  • 15,000 contracts

  • 6,500 hours worked

  • 26 minutes per contract

After ContractSifter.


  • 5,000 contracts

  • 750 hours worked

  • 9 minutes per contract

  • 65% Time Savings

Simple workflow, more collaboration​.

Our Sifters produced 50% of the improvement.  The simple, Kanban-like workflow in ContractSifter saved the rest.  The Sifting Team worked together in a way that traditional tools do not allow. 

Contact us to learn more >

Save time and reduce errors.

Person + Sifter = Better Person.​

Our Sifters never tire, and they improve over time.  Make fewer errors and work 25%-75% faster with their help.


Learn more about our Sifters >

Turn text into useful information.

Organize​ your database.

Contract details drive better decisions, empower your team, and lower your risk.  Use ContractSifter to make facts easier to find.


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