Contract review in a minute or two.


Negotiate draft contracts confidently with LegalSifter Review, the AI app with comprehensive in-context advice.

Works where you work.

Get contract advice in the applications you use every day.

Export to Microsoft Word.

Export to Google Docs.

Access LegalSifter Review from any browser.

Connect LegalSifter Review to your existing apps or contract lifecycle mgmt (CLM) software.

Negotiate counterparty contracts with confidence.

LegalSifter Review's advice, written by our attorneys or yours, stops you from accepting risky provisions.


LegalSifter Review is fast, easy to use, and configurable. Learn how it works.

"Before, I opened a contract and dove in blind. Now I run it through LegalSifter first. LegalSifter Review cuts the time in half, providing more reliability and ensuring compliance."

Kimberly Karr

Senior Counsel - Commercial

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Implementation is simple and proven.


LegalSifter Review Professional clients implement in five stages, led by one of our Sifting Services lawyers.

Essentials clients implement in two stages: Launch and Health Check.

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