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LegalSifter's Chief Science Officer Lars Mahler Discusses Impact of A.I. on In-House Counsel


April 3, 2019  


Last month, Chief Science Officer, Lars Mahler was interviewed by industry-leading artificial intelligence publication, Emerj on their, AI in Industry podcast for what turned out to be a wide-ranging conversation on all things artificial intelligence, legalAI and its applications in the enterprise.


From Emerj's press release: 


"AI has numerous use cases in legal, from document search to compliance and contract abstraction. This week, we speak with Lars Mahler, Chief Science Officer for LegalSifter, about what’s possible with AI for legal departments today and how AI applications for legal teams, such as natural language processing-based contract analysis, work. In addition, Mahler discusses how lawyers at companies and data scientists work together to train machine learning algorithms.


He provides some insight into how a company has to make its way into the legal space and the challenges of training an NLP system and collecting data for it."


To learn more about LegalSifter's vision to bring affordable artificial intelligence to the world, be sure to check out the interview here.


About LegalSifter


LegalSifter is dedicated to bringing affordable legal services to the world by empowering people with artificial intelligence. LegalSifter intends to achieve its mission by working with the legal profession, not against it. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA), LegalSifter offers its products directly to organizations as well as through and with law firms.


About Emerj


Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research (formerly TechEmergence) is where executive leaders turn to understand how AI is impacting their organization or industry – and what to do about it. We’re the industry source for authoritative market research and competitive intelligence for the business applications of artificial intelligence.

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