Find Force Majeure and Termination for Convenience provisions with Sifter Concierge Cleanup

At this time, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to jeopardize the health of people around the world. This is a time of great uncertainty, and people are rightfully focused on the health of their family, friends, and loved ones.


In addition to these worries, business leaders have an added burden: keeping their business healthy, despite uncertainty in supply chains, customer demand, and the economic environment. Recently, we have received a surge in inquiries from clients, asking us to help them extract key provisions from contracts they have already signed. Specifically, they are asking:

  • Force Majeure:

    • Which of my contracts allow me (or my counterparties) to invoke force majeure?

    • Does the COVID-19 pandemic qualify as a force majeure event? Do related government actions qualify as force majeure events?

  • Termination for Convenience:

    • Which of my contracts allow me (or my counterparties) to terminate for convenience ?

    • What are the notification requirements?

  • Governing Law:

    • What law governs this contract?

    • Is this a civil law jurisdiction, where force majeure is implied into every contract?

With Sifter Concierge Cleanup, clients can answer these questions quickly and easily. 

Sifter Concierge Cleanups: Rapid Contract Reviews

Sifter Concierge Cleanups are for clients who need information from their contracts - and need it quickly.​ Using Artificial Intelligence + human experts, we: 

  • Quickly read thousands of contracts...

  • Extract information from them, and...

  • Summarize the results into a detailed, actionable report.

We use A.I., attorneys, and paralegals to deliver your information faster, more affordably and more accurately than you could on your own.


We confirm client project leads, establish a communication plan, and finalize scope.


We deduplicate files, set up ContractSifter, and sift 25-50 sample documents. Client confirms test sift.


We sift all documents and send weekly email status update. Client resolves open questions as needed.


We deliver Sifting File in Excel format with final document data. Client accepts file in a week or two.

Health Check

30 days after Client accepts Sifting File, we check in on client satisfaction.

How fast is it? What's included?

Turnaround times range from days to weeks, depending on the number of documents.

The final deliverable is an Excel spreadsheet called a Sifting File. You approve the format of the Sifting File during the Test stage. Please see below for an example of a sample Sifting File.

Sample Sifting File

Would you like to learn more? We are here to help.

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