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A.I.-powered contract management.

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By reviewing, tracking, and organizing your contracts, our A.I.-powered solutions empower your team to focus on what matters most.

Why LegalSifter?

By combining the power of A.I. with the expertise of top contract pros like Ken Adams, our products help you to: 
Save time.
Reduce risk and obtain peace of mind.
Focus on critical issues.
Be consistent.
Decrease time to cash in commercial transactions.
Organize your contracts.

"I just did my first sift on an NDA, and it worked great! In under 10 minutes, I sifted the contract, marked it up with suggested changes, and sent it to the client. And it would've been faster if I wasn't slow at the keyboard!"

Dan Mulholland

Senior Partner

Horty, Springer & Mattern, P.C.

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Artificial intelligence Sifters to help you review contracts before and after you sign.


Save up to 80% of time reviewing an agreement with LegalSifter.


All of your contracts organized with Sifter Concierge.


Years in business delivering A.I. and expertise to clients of all sizes globally.

See for yourself.


Download a sift of Master Service Agreement by Ken Adams.

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