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AI-Powered Contract Organization

Find intelligence in mountains of contract language.
Quickly and accurately pull key data from your documents with our self-service, AI-powered LegalSifter Organize app.

Better than using a PDF Viewer & Excel.

LegalSifter Organize has 1,850+ Sifters, an efficient workflow for one person or a team, and an easy-to-use interface.

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Unstructured Data.png


Structured Data.png
Neatly Stacked Contracts.png

60-minute onboarding.


LegalSifter Organize clients receive unlimited training throughout their subscription and can master its functionality in an hour.

LegalSifter Organize Implementation Process.png

Use the same AI software our team uses.

Our teams sift data from documents in LegalSifter Organize every day. After hundreds of clients, hundreds of thousands of files, and millions of fields of data, our AI intelligence application is now available for you. 

Popular Organize Plans*

Most Affordable

per month

4-Year Term.

Unlimited Users.

100 Sifts.


per month

3-Year Term.

Unlimited Users.

500 Sifts.


per month

3-Year Term.

Unlimited Users.

2,000 Sifts.


per month

3-Year Term.

Unlimited Users.

10,000 Sifts.

*A Sift equals one (1) Document uploaded into LegalSifter Organize.

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