We organize your contracts so you don't have to.


We'll also give you contract lifecycle management (CLM) software at no additional cost.

LegalSifter Organize Concierge

"Our contracts are a mess. We don't know where they are or what we have signed."

Most organizations with executed contracts to manage.

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How LegalSifter Organize Concierge Works: 

World-class contract administration requires an easy drop-off process for agreements, easy-to-find information, and easy-to-use storage. LegalSifter Organize Concierge is a 1-4 year subscription that gives clients all three.

Easy Drop-Off Process.

Your team signs agreements and sends them to us as they are signed. We'll take care of them and any supporting documents.

Easy-to-find information.

We'll use Combined Intelligence to organize and deduplicate your data, map amendments, setup alerts, and tailor your repository to you.

Easy-to-use storage.

If you do not have a CLM, we'll give you one from a partner with unlimited users. If you have a CLM, we'll clean up and administer what you have.

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Sample Data Fields

  • ​Assignment Rights

  • Autorenewal Notice Date

  • Autorenewal Time Period 

  • Contract Type

  • Counterparty

  • Current End Date

  • Executed (Yes/No)​

  • Fields for your business (price, product, etc.)

  • Limitation of Liability

  • Original End Date

  • Parent Contract (we map amendments)

  • Renewal Time Period

  • Start Date

  • Termination for Convenience

  • Executed (Yes/No)​

  • And many, many more.

Our Partners​​

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We will launch in weeks.


LegalSifter Organize Concierge clients implement in six stages, led by a Concierge from our Sifting Services team.

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Contract Administration as a Service with a 99%+ data quality guarantee.

Curating contracts is not core to your business, but it is core to ours. With LegalSifter Organize Concierge, our contract administration team becomes your contract administration team.

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Your team expects to find its contracts in seconds. If your data isn't at least 99% accurate, we'll fix it at no additional cost. 

Don't buy CLM. 

Contract lifecycle management is the worst-performing segment in legal tech. For most organizations, purchasing CLM software and administering it on their own is a failing strategy. They don't have the time or the expertise.

Read our white paper, "Your Contract Lifecycle Management Software Implementation is Likely to Fail: Five Strategies to Keep it from Happening."

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Contract Management is the worst performing segment in legal tech.png

Source: "Legal Technology Perspectives." Houlihan Lokey. August 2020.

Avoid the Curve of CLM Disappointment.

Most of the 200+ CLMs on the market have plenty of features. Unfortunately, organizations seldom have the capacity to manage the features or the contracts themselves after implementation, leading to failure.

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Curve of CLM Disappointment

Case Study - LegalSifter administers 40,000 contracts for $20B healthcare manufacturer and distributor.

Our client needed to structure the unique rebate and discount schedules buried in thousands of agreements, impacting millions of dollars in annual revenues and costs. They subscribed to LegalSifter Organize Concierge. We included a repository from ContractSafe for unlimited users, configured it for dozens of contract types, mapped amendments to parent agreements, setup ongoing reports and alerts, and will sift and organize over 2,000,000 fields of data over five years while our client runs their business.

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We have successfully executed over 350 LegalSifter Organize Concierge projects and subscriptions in 7 years.

We have served clients in 30+ industries, organizing hundreds of thousands of contracts and sifting millions of fields of data. Our clients are consistently satisfied.