Have you ever negotiated a contract ... 

Contract Pain Areas

Our clients tell us their contracts cause them pain before and after they sign. 

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Our before-you-sign products help reduce risk and save time and money when negotiating contracts.


Pains include:

  • Stressed about signing things you shouldn't.

  • Letting down your internal customers or boss.

  • Not enough staff.

  • Slow, expensive outside lawyers.

Our after-you-sign products keep your contracts and documents organized while you run your business.


Pains include:

  • Feeling out of control.

  • Can't find agreements or terms and conditions.

  • Poor contract software implementation.

  • No ongoing contract administrative support.

Our mission is to bring affordable legal services to the world.

We make easy-to-use products that combine artif
icial and human intelligence—Combined Intelligence®—offered as software, service, or both.

We focus on contracts because they are the most important documents in global commerce and are consistently a pain for businesses and consumers alike.

We know contracts.

"Penn State is nationally and internationally recognized for being an innovative and bold research organization. With LegalSifter's AI product, we will aim to streamline the review process of our sponsored research contracts."

Lora G. Weiss, Ph.D.

SVP of Research

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