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LegalSifter and Partner in Australia to Accelerate Contract Review Using Artificial Intelligence

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January 7, 2019  


LegalSifter and are proud to announce a strategic partnership to offer a “combined intelligence” solution to accelerate contract negotiations suitable for use by both law firms and businesses of all sizes throughout Australia. The solution is available across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, banking & financial services, insurance, real estate and retail.  The combination of LegalSifter’s artificial intelligence (AI) with the legal technology expertise that brings, will allow clients to review contracts quickly and confidently at a predictable cost.

The solution is simple.

1.         Upload your document into portal for LegalSifter.

2.         Sifters, the AI trained to read text & look for specific concepts, review the document identifying clauses that demand attention or are missing entirely.

3.         The Sifters trigger Help Text, tailored by to meet Australian market requirements for the particular business and negotiation position.

4.         Download the marked-up document ready to send to the other party.

“We're excited about this great opportunity to partner with LegalSifter. We’re particularly impressed with LegalSifter’s flexibility to be “localised” to meet Australian needs,” said Peter Fazio, Managing Director of  “The future for lawyers must include the incorporation of artificial intelligence into everyday practice, improving the services provided by them to their clients. Business leaders are encouraged to use these new solutions and to encourage those they are leading to do the same.  LegalSifter is suitable for all types of businesses not just law firms. SMEs can now have their contracts reviewed quickly, efficiently and affordably. Our solution produces great results not only for lawyers but for their clients, businesses and the general community.”

"Peter and the team at Eliya have pursued the most advanced to the future of legal services. We share a common vision--a world where legal services are faster, cheaper, and better thanks to the combination of attorneys and algorithms," said Kevin Miller, CEO at LegalSifter. will offer LegalSifter-enabled solutions, meeting Australian requirements, to clients for a wide range of contract types including non-disclosure agreements, goods agreements, services agreements, technology agreements and general terms and conditions.

For additional information, please contact Peter Fazio at


About (Eliya Holdings Pty Limited) is an Australian AI Technology solution company providing innovative, NewLaw / LawTech solutions for Law firms, in-house counsels, Insurance companies, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and any organisation dealing with legal documents. We also provide professional services helping those businesses to better utilise the technology available. 


We partner with incredible companies to bring solutions tailored for the Australian market. We want the best in Legal Tech to "re-tool" the legal profession and help it adapt to the 21st century. 


Eliya believes …

  • in thinking differently

  • using technology to improve what we do and to do it more efficiently;

  • AI technology has and will continue to change the way we work enhancing our businesses;

  • that a combined solution, people and AI, it is better than a single solution.


About LegalSifter

LegalSifter is dedicated to bringing affordable legal services to the world by empowering people with artificial intelligence. LegalSifter intends to achieve its mission by working with the legal profession, not against it. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA), LegalSifter offers its products directly to organizations as well as through and with law firms.




Peter Fazio

Managing Director (Eliya Holdings Pty Limited)

+61 (02) 9744 9236


Charles Lattuca

Technology Director (Eliya Holdings Pty Limited)

+61 417 088 058


Laura Taylor

VP of Partner Experience


Kevin Miller
Chief Executive Officer


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