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LegalSifter and LegalEase Solutions Partner to
Accelerate Contract Review with Artificial Intelligence

July 15, 2019

LegalSifter and LegalEase announced a strategic partnership that will offer a “combined intelligence” solution for contract review/redlining to clients across a wide range of businesses and industries.  With LegalSifter’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) and LegalEase’s legal process expertise and business acumen, clients will have the opportunity to review contracts quickly, confidently, and at a predictable cost.

The contract review solution begins with LegalEase understanding the clients’ preferred positions on NDA and other contract types. Next, LegalEase works with LegalSifter to configure the platform and then uploads draft contracts into LegalSifter. Sifters – which are the software trained to read text, look for specific concepts, and learn over time – then review the document and identify important concepts that demand attention or are missing entirely. The Sifters trigger Help Text, in-context advice tailored to the client’s specific business and negotiation position, by the attorneys at LegalEase.

 “Pairing cutting-edge technology with our proven attorney services is what makes LegalEase effective and unique, and we are thrilled to offer a powerful contract review solution with our partners at LegalSifter,” says Tariq Hafeez, Co-Founder and President of LegalEase Solutions.

“LegalSifter has proven that artificial intelligence plus an attorney is better than an attorney on their own.  People do not want to fly on airplanes that do not have pre-flight checklists or autopilot supporting the pilots, regardless of their experience. In the not-too-distant future, we’ll all feel the same way about attorneys and A.I. LegalEase gets it now, and we are fortunate that they are moving to A.I.-assisted lawyers. We applaud them for their vision!” said Kevin Miller, CEO at LegalSifter.

LegalEase will offer LegalSifter-enabled solutions to businesses for a wide range of contract types including Non-Disclosure Agreements, End User License Agreements, Software-as-a-Service Agreements, Goods and Services Agreements, and many more.

About LegalEase Solutions


LegalEase Solutions is a legal support services provider offering corporations, legal departments, and law firms innovative support with contract lifecycle management, regulatory compliance, legal research, document review, and on-demand legal operations. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA), LegalEase is well positioned to change the legal landscape with its combination of superb global talent, time-tested processes and solutions, and strategic partnerships with the best in the business.


About LegalSifter


LegalSifter is dedicated to bringing affordable legal services to the world by empowering people with artificial intelligence. LegalSifter intends to achieve its mission by working with the legal profession, not against it. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA), LegalSifter offers its products directly to organizations as well as through and with law firms.


Teri Whitehead
Vice President, Global Strategy


Tariq Hafeez

Co-Founder and President


Laura Taylor

VP of Partner Experience


Maggie Frey
VP of Growth & Partnerships


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