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CloverContracts™ software provides “Instant Lease Review.”  CloverContracts uses Artificial Intelligence to help a Tenant review their Residential Lease Agreement. 

Built for Renters, CloverContracts self-service software reviews a Lease for apartments, condominiums, flats, lofts, or houses.  CloverContracts offers in-context advice for understanding and negotiating the most commonly used Lease terms and conditions, all in a minute or two!

Convenient and Helpful:  Bringing Artificial Intelligence to you, where you need it.

Easy and Empowering:  Self-service legal review of your residential Lease Agreement, as a Tenant.

Affordable Awareness:  Inexpensive resource for when you rent your residence.

Peace of Mind:  Reviewing your Lease Agreement does not have to be scary.

Don't sign something you shouldn't!  Sift your Lease before you sign it with CloverContracts. 

CloverContracts helps you with your leas