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New London House

6 London Street

London EC3R 7LP

+44 20 7125 0407


Gatekeeper's contract & vendor management software offers complete visibility and control over your contract universe.


With Gatekeeper you can:


  • See a summary of all contracts or vendors by category, spend, geography or other grouping

  • Monitor and prepare for all key dates, including renewals

  • Store all documentation centrally and securely

  • Collaborate with ease using messaging and alerts, all from within the platform and tied to specific records.

  • Record and maintain compliance amongst your vendors

  • Delegate data entry both internally and externally to reduce administration time

  • Integrate with 220 third party systems to ensure a seamless fit into your business


Gatekeeper is accredited to ISO 27001 and 9001 level for Information Security and Quality Management respectively. We work in heavily regulated industries such as Finance and Healthcare as well in fast growing sectors such as digital entertainment.


Gatekeeper is straightforward to use, requiring little-to-no training. Its intuitive interface makes sense of your contracts instantly and allows you to focus more time on managing risk and optimising spend.


All our plans come with unlimited users, meaning that you can collaborate with as many colleagues and third parties as required.

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