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4220 Duncan Ave.
Suite 201
St. Louis, MO 63110

Providing business law services, both transactional and litigation, to support all phases of the business life cycle from launching, operating, growing, transforming and exiting. Services are priced with flat fees, monthly recurring subscriptions, and in some cases on contingency. 

  • We listen. Your concerns are unique. We want to understand.

  • We learn. We want to know where you are in the business life-cycle, how you got there, and what your plans are for the next phase. We want to know how you make money; who your customers are, your suppliers, your regulators, and your competitors.

  • We connect you to others. We know the value of a connection; certainly, we have benefitted from others connecting us. Because we live in a world of investors, founders, and innovators, we usually know someone that would be of a mutual benefit for you to know.

  • We freely give you our ideas on your business. We love to brainstorm and dream. Being invited to collaborate with you is an honor to us.

  • We stay informed about the forces in your industry.

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