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Kolodvorska 12, p.p.164 
HR-42001 Varaždin, Croatia

+385 (0)42 373 100

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We at Porobija & Špoljarić LLC are dedicated to providing first-class legal services to all business clients - from people with vision and ideas, emerging start-ups, excellent SMEs, all the way up to the big multinational companies. Our 20 years of collective experience are summed up in our great and thoroughly picked team, built from the perfect combination of youthful energy and wisdom that comes with age, with the sole purpose of providing you with all legal services necessary for you to operate in Croatia and the European Union. Our mission is to continually search for new ways of providing legal services, both through our own innovation and partnering with the providers of the future, all in pursuit of the optimized service brought to our satisfied clients. We are seated in a beautiful and propulsive city of Varaždin in northern Croatia, in one of the landmark buildings located in near vicinity of the baroque city center. Also, we have established operations from our office in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia and the center of its economic activity.

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