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Ottawa, Ontario

+1 613-663-2688


SavvyDox is the world’s most advanced cloud-based document collaboration platform, transforming document collaboration from a serial process into an intelligent interaction with documents. SavvyDox solves document collaboration issues for enterprises, government and publishers, all within an enterprise-grade, private, hybrid or public cloud based secure infrastructure.​

SavvyDox is used as a standalone or embedded solution with comprehensive features to handle, automate and streamline document distribution, review, collaboration and approval.  The following are some document collaboration challenges that SavvyDox helps address:

  • Contract Review, Collaboration & Redlining

  • Solicitations / Tenders and Bid Proposals

  • Policy and Compliance Management

  • Sensitive & Secure Document Collaboration

SavvyDox is an elegant solution that provides powerful and comprehensive features and is yet easy to setup and use, resulting in invaluable document collaboration benefits of working faster, smarter & better without the usual frustrations & headaches. Some key features include:

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