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201 North Illinois Street, Suite 1900
Indianapolis, IN 46244

Transactions Expeditors, LLC makes contracts easy! We provide our customers with cutting-edge, proprietary technology coupled with industry expertise that solves the common contract challenges faced by companies. Our software and redlining services find and mitigate risk in contracts and can be used out of the box or customized to meet the specific needs and priorities of each organization. Our solutions save time and money and help you identify risk—all benefits that drop directly to your bottom line.

We routinely work with major players in the transportation, supply chain & logistics industry, insurance companies, insurance brokers and other organizations looking to improve their contract review process.

We bring over 100 years of strategic, financial, and operational risk management experience to the table. Our team is a combination of the most experienced and inventive minds in the industry. Together we will help you save time and money while building relationships that will forever change the way contracts are reviewed. Technology is the future, and it is here.

Transaction Expeditors, LLC is an Alternative Legal Service Provider, owned by Frost Brown Todd, LLC a national law firm.

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