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Preston Clark



In this October 2018 episode of his podcast City of Contracts, host Ken Adams has a conversation with LawInsider co-founder Preston Clark. Ken talks to Preston about the origins of LawInsider, its usefulness, and the future of the legal practice.  Preston also details the machine behind LawInsider, a free research database with over 1.2 million documents built from SEC contract filings. The site is catalogued and indexed daily and visited by over 150,000 in-house counsel, attorneys, contract managers, and entrepreneurs from around the world. After eight years, the popularity of LawInsider continues to accelerate, as hundreds of new users sign-up every day. 

Preston is an accomplished attorney and entrepreneur, having worked as the Assistant General Counsel at the University of Miami, VP of Sales and Business Development at ThinkHR, Chief Revenue Officer of LawRoom, and most recently, President of Everfi.

Thank you, Preston, for joining us for this conversation.