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Choosing the Best Sifters: Additional Guidance Added to Sifter Library

Greetings from the European branch of our virtual Sifter Factory where, with the help of Ken Adams and our intrepid machine learning and annotation experts, we toil endlessly to bring you the best-performing Sifters we can.

To help our users select Sifters in light of our ever-expanding selection, we have been adding two types of new guidance to the Sifter Library: Sifter Family Guidance and Related Sifter Alerts. These are good places to start if you’re not sure, for example, which Force Majeure, Indemnification or Term Sifter to use.

Many Sifters are grouped into “families”. Their Sifter Library entries are preceded by an “Introducing the [e.g. Assignment] Sifters” page. Here’s an example:

Other library entries for Sifters with closely related counterparts include “Related Sifter Alerts”, which we inserted to nip any Sifter selection-related confusion in the bud. Here’s an example:

Confusion regarding the above Sifters comes up so often in Sifter Trainer we thought we’d dedicate a separate, forthcoming blog post addressing it… so stay tuned!

Happy Sifting,


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