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City of Contracts Podcast: Solos and Contracts

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

In this episode of the City of Contracts podcast, Ken Adams speaks with solo practitioners Erin Austin, Caroline Fox, and Amy Grubb. Working with contracts forms an important part of their practice; Ken discusses with them how they handle different aspects of that work.

Amy Grubb works with solo, small firm and in-house attorneys by taking on their overflow legal work. She was trained in Toronto, Ontario and worked in Big Law for nearly 10 years before starting her virtual law firm, focusing extensively on commercial contracts.

Amy also helps lawyers build the boutique practice of their dreams through one on one coaching and group programs. She is the founder of Solo/Small Firm Canadian LadyLawyers, an online community for purpose driven and high performing Canadian women lawyers to learn, provide feedback and connect in order to create more profitable and enjoyable practices.

Erin is founder of Erin Austin Law and creator of The Contract Whisperer. In her 25+ years practicing law, Erin’s service includes roles as general counsel, head of business affairs and COO. Her time as a lawyer and as an executive--at the intersection of business and the law--informs the elevated legal and strategic advice she provides to her clients. Having negotiated thousands of NDAs, statements of work, services agreements and data processing agreements for market researchers, consultants and other professional services providers, Erin has a specialized understanding of US and foreign laws regarding personal data. Erin is passionate about using her experience as a corporate lawyer and a consultant to make capitalism work for everyone. In her spare time, Erin clears brush on her farmette, searches for the perfect gluten free bread and plays drums in a rock band.

Caroline is based out of Richmond, Virginia. Her practice, CJFox Law, PLLC, includes representation of brands both large and small in the advertising, tech, and creative industries on IP and business matters. She has been named to “Virginia's Legal Elite” in intellectual property and as a Superlawyers “Rising Star” for four years and two years, respectively.

Thank you, Amy, Erin, and Caroline, for joining us for this conversation.

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