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Information Security Document Type: ACTIVATED!

I have had the pleasure of working with many of our LegalSifter clients over the last few years, helping them customize document types in LegalSifter Review. Those clients know how much I love to “flip the switch” to activate a brand-new document type. It’s exciting – we have scoped the right Sifters to bundle together, drafted and reviewed the advice, toggled the found and missing setting for each Sifter, tested, adjusted, and ACTIVATED! It is a great feeling; we have worked together to create something that will most certainly cure contract review pain. I always look forward to training new users to sift with these document types and helping them to refresh them to work even better.

It is with the same enthusiasm that our LegalSifter Team is activating a new Information Security document type template! Our team has identified many of the most frequently used and important Information Security concepts, built Sifters to identify these concepts as found or missing in sifted documents, drafted expert advice for our users to consider, and bundled them together to help you negotiate safer documents faster. This document type template can be used to sift Information Security language, whether it serves as a standalone document or as a part of a larger agreement.

Please try sifting with our newest document type and let us know what you think. You can provide feedback to me at, or to our help desk at We love hearing from you. Our content, software and data science teams created this new document type because of our clients’ requests, so please keep the ideas coming our way. We can’t wait to “flip the switch” on the next one!

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