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The Great Resignation: How Can You Be Prepared?

Updated: Jun 20

We all have that person at our company who seems to have the best advice or knows how to navigate tricky systems to find the data you need. When seeking their advice, we feel a sense of calm, knowing that once you talk to them all will be crystal clear on how to move forward. But what if that person leaves?

The great resignation has been in the news for some time now. And per the news outlets, we haven't seen the worst of it yet as predictions point to an even greater exodus from the workforce in early 2022.

I can't imagine more movement than what I have already seen over the last year. People in various levels across Legal, Procurement, and Sales seem to move constantly. An executive sponsor gets a promotion at a different company, a project champion splits for a better work-life balance, and that salesperson, who knows what happened to them! It's slowing down business everywhere and costing companies a lot of money. People looking to leave rarely have the time or motivation to transfer all of their accumulated knowledge and guidance. And in most cases, there usually isn't anyone yet to replace them before they leave!

What is interesting to me is that while we are hearing the news, reading the articles, and watching this play out in front of us, some aren't preparing. I have exactly one prospect who proactively came to me and said "I plan to move on from this role and would like to use LegalSifter Review to educate the person who will take my place." This client contact is a very kind soul but most of us... yea well, most of us would be worried about preparing for that next chapter in our career and not taking care of the company we are leaving behind. Where are the companies’ leaders? Why aren't they first trying to keep good employees from leaving or second implementing policy, process, and technology that help capture best practices in preparation for what the media says will be an inevitable increase in employee turnover?

The good news is that successful implementations of LegalSifter Review and LegalSifter Concierge involve documenting processes, capturing the advice of the experienced, and empowering employees to run with the task of negotiating a contract or analyzing contract data. Those who have these solutions in place will have peace of mind if their company succumbs to the “great resignation”. Let’s just hope the employee turnover is because of promotion within the company and not an exodus to greener pastures.

Have any stories about how The Great Resignation has affected your company? Let us know in the comments.

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