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Use Your New-Year Energy to Tidy Up Your LegalSifter Review Document Type Library!

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Happy 2022! If you’re like me, you’ve made a long list of resolutions aimed at improving your personal and professional life, even though you might recognize that only some of them will be realized. One that’s repeatedly at the top of my list, and one that I often accomplish, is cleaning out my closets. Perhaps you can relate?

January hits, and I open the door to the cluttered spaces that for months have been a source of annoyance. I evaluate, purge, and organize what I find inside, and when I’m done, I feel a sense of accomplishment that’s perhaps out of proportion to the effort involved. I’ve retrieved from oblivion that never-worn sweater! I’ve finally found that left shoe, so no more time wasted in half-hearted fruitless searching!

When I was deep into cleaning out my hall closet recently, it occurred to me that often I encourage our LegalSifter Review clients to do something similar—to clean their document type library. (Yes, LegalSifter is never far from my mind!) We want you to be efficient in how you sift your documents, and being able to quickly choose the most appropriate document type for a given sift is essential for productive sifting! We also want your sifts to yield accurate results, and refreshing your document types helps ensure that.

For those of you not familiar with LegalSifter Review’s automated contract-review process (or as we call it, “sifting”), you upload a draft contract, choose from your library a document type for a particular kind of transaction, and in a minute or two the Sifters (our AI algorithms) included in that document type read the contract, identify important business and legal concepts that are present or missing, and offer in-context advice that is either prepared by LegalSifter or customized to fit your needs.

When you’re faced with any task, having a list helps. Here’s a list to help you clean out your document type library:

  1. Click the “Sift Document” button on your Home or Documents page and review the list of document types you’re asked to choose from.

  2. Evaluate the list of document types.

  3. Make a list of any document types you want to purge—those that you don’t use or old drafts that are cluttering up your library. Then ask your Admin or our Help Desk to remove them.

  4. Consider whether there are any document types you might add to your library to help with the kinds of contracts you’re asked to review. Ask your Admin or our Help Desk to add them!

  5. For our Professional subscription clients, review your customized document types—are there any Sifters you would like to add, or does the advice in any Sifters need to be refreshed?

  6. We list new Sifters in our weekly releases, but you’re welcome to ask your Admin or our Help Desk to go over recent additions. We also announce new Sifters on LegalSifter’s blog. For example, see this post about our “Notices” Sifters. To get a sense of the difference a Sifter can make, see this post and this post on LegalSifter’s blog.

  7. Also for our Professional subscription clients, review the names and descriptions used for your document types. Are they as clear as they might be for your users?

Remember that your sift results will only be as good as the document type you choose, so resolve to make that task as easy as possible by using some New-Year energy to clean out your document type library early in 2022.

The LegalSifter Client Support team is here to help you throughout the year. Don’t hesitate to contact us at

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