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We’re Adding Related-Sifter Alerts and Sifter-Family Guidance to Our Sifter Library

Updated: May 1, 2022

Over the next few weeks, you will notice in our growing Sifter Library two improvements that will help users better understand some Sifters and how they relate to other Sifters. We want to make it easier for our Professional subscription users to choose the right Sifters when building or editing their document types.

Related-Sifter Alerts

Some Sifter pairs search for similar yet distinct concepts—we call them “related Sifters.” We’re adding brief guidance to how we describe each related Sifter in the Sifter Library.

For example, Term: Duration is related to Confidential Information: Duration of Obligation Not to Disclose. Here’s what we’ve added to the Sifter Library’s description of Term: Duration— “This Sifter searches for the term of the contract, not for how long a party has to perform obligations under the contract. If you're searching for how long someone has to keep information confidential, please use Confidential Information: Duration of Obligation to Not Disclose.”

Sifter-Family Guidance

We build groups of Sifters—we call them “families”—to cover specific concepts. For instance, you might be familiar with our Notices Sifter family. Ken Adams wrote about them in this post on our blog.

As in any family, each member has a role, and we’re supplementing the Sifter Library to describe the role played by each member in a Sifter family.

For example, at the top of the Sifter Library entry for the Indemnification family of Sifters, you’ll now find this information:

Which Sifter is a “references to” Sifter—Indemnification, References To, which searches for all references to indemnification.

Which Sifters are particularly broad—Indemnification, Obligation to Indemnify, which searches for any obligation to indemnify.

Which are “parent” and “children” Sifters, with the children searching for what the parent looks for, with one additional parameter—Indemnification, Carveouts, which is the parent of these child Sifters:

  • Indemnification: Negligence Carveout

  • Indemnification: Bad-Faith Carveout

  • Indemnification: Carveout for Breach of Contract

  • Indemnification: Fraud Carveout

  • Indemnification: Intentional-Misconduct Carveout

And strategies for effective sifting—if you’re interested in all exceptions from indemnification, use Indemnification: Carveouts; if you’re interested only in specific grounds for excluding indemnification, use one or more of the five child Sifters and switch off Indemnification: Carveouts.

We hope you find this added guidance helpful! We rely on our users’ feedback to improve our Sifter Library, so please contact us at if you have any suggestions.

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