Don't buy or build contract management software. Drop off your contracts, and we'll take care of everything.

Email us your agreements on an ongoing basis.

We sift and store your important data, updating old contracts as we go.

Unlimited users access cleaned data through any browser.

We send you contract alerts and manage your reports.

Run your business. We'll keep track of your contracts.

Up and running in a week or two.


Sifter Concierge combines artificial intelligence, easy-to-use contract software, attorneys, and a passion for service to have you implemented quickly. You provide direction and oversight, and we will set up everything.



We confirm your objectives, a communication plan, data fields, and configuration options.

We clean, de-duplicate, and migrate your existing contracts. 

Learn how we clean up your existing documents >


We setup your contract software for the reports and alerts you need, use ContractSifter for sifting, load your cleaned legacy contracts and data, and prepare organizational training.

Learn more about ContractSifter >

Our Sifter Concierge team will sift the following fields of data:

  1. File Name

  2. Contract Title

  3. Contract Type

  4. Parent Contract (we map parent contracts to child contracts) 

  5. Party

  6. Counterparty

  7. Counterparty Address

  8. Counterparty Notice Recipient

  9. Counterparty Notice Address

  10. Start Date

  11. Original End Date

  12. Current End Date

  13. Term Type (fixed, autorenewal, etc.)

  14. Autorenewal Notice Date

  15. Autorenewal Time Period (months)

  16. Termination for Convenience (you, them, both)

  17. Termination for Convenience Notice Period Days

  18. Assignment Rights

  19. Change of Control

  20. Contract Value

  21. Executed (Yes/No)​

Additional fields are available upon request. Learn more about our Sifter Library.


We train your users to access their contract data, launch alerts and reports, and begin receiving your contracts.

Learn more about our Pricing >

Quality Guarantee.

Run by attorneys, Sifter Concierge guarantees data quality of at least 99.5%, offering you the piece of mind that the data you rely on will keep your business running.

Learn more about our Leadership >


Suzanne Ewing

VP of Sifter Services


Reg Weatherly

VP of Sifter Services

ContractSafe Logo

We partner with ContractSafe to deliver Sifter Concierge in the cloud, accessible through any browser.


ContractSafe's mission to "get rid of your contract headaches with our secure and easy-to-use products." Along with our Sifters and attorneys, their contract management software provides the backbone of Sifter Concierge. Our team will setup and manage all aspects of ContractSafe for you. Features include:

Search for contract, report, or document by keyword(s), just like you would on Google.

Grant access to unlimited users, each with customizable permissions.

You'll never miss an important contract term, date, or deadline ever again.

ISO 27001 and PCI DSS-certified data storage; documents encrypted (256-bit AES Encryption) at rest and in transit.

Data and document backup available at any time at no additional cost. 

DocuSign, Okta/SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On Authentication, and integration available.

Let us organize your contracts for you. You don't have to enter the data.

If you have the time to ...


  • collect your team's signed contracts

  • read the terms and conditions

  • de-duplicate their files

  • type important data into a database

  • run reports

  • update data for amendments

  • alert your teammates to important dates

  • map master agreements to amendments


... and not make a bunch of mistakes ... then Sifter Concierge is not for you.

If you're like everybody else ...

will make contracts easier.

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