Organizations struggle to keep track of contracts after they sign them. If that's you, you likely have any of 3 common problems:

  1. You have a broken process for getting contracts into one place.

  2. You do not have A.I. to get contract data out of a contract.

  3. You do not have enough people to do the work of chasing contracts.

Sifter Concierge (ongoing) and Sifter Concierge Cleanups (ad hoc) fix the post-signature contract challenges you face. We keep track of your contracts using A.I., easy-to-use contract software, attorneys, paralegals, and a passion for technology and service. 

How Sifter Concierge Works: Run your business while our contract librarians keep your contracts organized.

Sifter Concierge is a 2-year program for clients that either do not want to buy or build a contract lifecycle management database, or who do not have the capacity to manage the one they already have.



When your team signs an agreement, they deposit the document and any attachments by email to [your company] contracts@legalsifter.com.



We sift with ContractSifter and store your important data in ContractSafe (or your chosen contract database), updating old contracts as we go. We link parent agreements with their children, de-duplicate files, extract and normalize field data, and update end date reminders.



Unlimited users* from your team access their contracts and clean data in ContractSafe through any browser. Users may search, set-up reports, sort, and run unlimited filters on the database.

Sort & Filter

Folders & Tags


Keyword Search​

*If you choose another contract database other than ContractSafe, users may be limited.



We setup contract email alerts and custom reports to give your team plenty of notice about end dates, renewals, and key contract activity.

Email Alerts

Custom Reports

Sifter Concierge Implementation

We can begin receiving new document deposits in a few weeks. To handle your existing documents, we will run an optional Sifter Concierge Cleanup in parallel in weeks or months.


We confirm your objectives, data fields, communication plan, and configuration options. 


We setup ContractSafe, build reports, design alerts, and prepare training for your team.


We train your users, launch reports and alerts, and receive new document deposits.

Health Check

We meet monthly to ensure your satisfaction and to guarantee quality.

Beware of termination for convenience clauses.

Sifter Concierge Cleanups are for clients that need ad hoc help. 

On a one-time or periodic basis, or as part of a Sifter Concierge Implementation, we will clean and organize your document data. We use AI, attorneys, and paralegals to deliver your information faster, more affordably and more accurately than you could on your own.


We confirm client project leads, establish a communication plan, and finalize scope.


We deduplicate files, set up ContractSifter, and sift 25-50 sample documents. Client confirms test sift.


We sift all documents and send weekly email status update. Client resolves open questions as needed.


We deliver Sifting File in Excel format with final document data. Client accepts file in a week or two.

Health Check

30 days after Client accepts Sifting File, we check in on client satisfaction.


Clients buy Sifter Concierge Cleanups ​to do the following:

  • LIBOR exposure

  • Force majeure exposure

  • Due diligence

  • Renewal date reviews

  • Change of control analysis

  • Pricing changes

  • Termination for convenience analysis

  • Revenue recognition projects

  • Regulatory change remediation
  • Playbook compliance

  • Legacy contract loads into contract databases or as part of Sifter Concierge

Project sizes range from 50 documents to unlimited. Timing varies based upon the field and document counts. While we are able to go faster, our typical turnarounds are as follows:​​​

Projects typically include 20-35 fields of data. Most clients want us to map parent contracts to children documents, updating end dates on the parent at a minimum. Most clients also want us to give them searchable, OCR (optical character recognition) versions of their documents.


We have some projects as small as a few fields and some as high as 100 or more. Most clients pick a combination of fields we have seen many times, along with fields that are unique to their business. We will sift most anything from documents. Popular fields include:

  • Assignment Rights

  • Autorenewal Notice Date

  • Autorenewal Time Period (months)

  • Change of Control

  • Contract Value

  • Contract Title

  • Contract Type

  • Counterparty

  • Counterparty Address

  • Current End Date

  • Executed (Yes/No)​

The Sifting File is the final deliverable in a Sifter Concierge Cleanup. You approve the format of the Sifting File during the Test stage. We ensure the Sifting File matches any import template that you need if the data is going into a database.

  • Fields specific to your business (business unit, product, etc.)

  • Force Majeure
  • Original End Date
  • Parent Contract (we map parent contracts to child contracts) 

  • Party

  • Privacy Obligations

  • Start Date
  • Termination for Convenience

  • Termination for Convenience Notice Period Days

  • Term Type (fixed, autorenewal, etc.)

  • And many, many more

Sample Sifting File

Sifter Concierge vs. Sifter Concierge Cleanup feature comparison.


Sifter Concierge costs less than if you bought or built your own contract database and staffed it with your team members.

2-Year Agreement

All prices in USD.

*Sifter Concierge pricing does not include the cost of a Sifter Concierge Cleanup for your existing contracts.

**Sifter Concierge Cleanup includes USA and offshore sifting team members. If you would like 100% of your sifting completed in the USA, please contact us for revised pricing. 


We partner with ContractSafe to deliver Sifter Concierge in the cloud, accessible through any browser.


ContractSafe's mission to "get rid of your contract headaches with our secure and easy-to-use products." Along with our Sifters and attorneys, their contract management software provides the backbone of Sifter Concierge. Our team will setup and manage all aspects of ContractSafe for you. Features include:

Search for contract, report, or document by keyword(s), just like you would on Google.

Grant access to unlimited users, each with customizable permissions.

You'll never miss an important contract term, date, or deadline ever again.

ISO 27001 and PCI DSS-certified data storage; documents encrypted (256-bit AES Encryption) at rest and in transit.

Data and document backup available at any time at no additional cost. 

DocuSign, Okta/SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On Authentication, and Salesforce.com integration available.

Do you have force majeure provisions in your contracts?

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