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LegalSifter Engine

Add our contract AI to your document software.

Sifter Engine
Cloud API.png

Cloud API

LegalSifter Engine runs on our cloud on Amazon Web Services.

  • Your software communicates using a public API.

  • Data encrypted in transit and at rest.

  • We delete your data from our environment after it processes.

  • Access our entire Sifter Library.

On-Premise Sifter Engine



LegalSifter Engine runs on your servers as a Docker image.

  • Your software communicates using an internal API.

  • You control your traffic and your data.

  • Run Sifter Engine on any cloud or in-house infrastructure.

  • Access our entire Sifter Library.

We offer two editions of LegalSifter Engine.

Case Study: Contract lifecycle management software company


A contract lifecycle management (CLM) software provider needed to differentiate themselves from competitors and increase customer acquisition. They also wanted help with one of the key barriers to user adoption: data entry. For users to realize the full benefits of a CLM, they need to key in contract data whenever they upload an executed contract, a hassle for CLM customers everywhere.


Our approach

Our CLM client implemented LegalSifter Engine to extract data automatically from uploaded documents. Today, when their user uploads an executed contract, our Sifters pre-populate data into CLM fields. To double-check the extractions, users receive two types of feedback for each field: the location of the data from the original document and the confidence level of our Sifters for that specific field. Users work on contracts in bulk or on an ongoing basis.


LegalSifter Engine is white-labelled (we removed our brand) within our client's marketing, positioned as an A.I. extraction feature within their software suite and sold at a premium.


LegalSifter Engine helped our client achieve record sales within months. Their customers are raving, reporting significant time savings when entering contracts into the system.

LegalSifter Engine

Our Sifter Library contains hundreds of machine-learning algorithms that use natural language processing to review contract and complex document language.


If you build software, you may communicate with each Sifter through a Docker image on-premise or through a public API. Use cases include information extraction, contract review, and more. 

Add our AI to your software in three steps.



Pick Sifters from our Sifter Library to extract and evaluate the information that your clients need.

Learn more about our Sifters >

Sifters dark gray



Embed and test Sifter Engine. Both our Data Science and Software Engineering teams will support you throughout development.


Learn more about our Team >



Market your new AI feature and train your customers. Update as our Sifters get smarter over time. 

Satisfied Woman Customer.png

"This feature reduced the average coding time for an NDA from 3 minutes to 30 seconds (I actually timed this), a 10x saving, which is what you'd probably want to see. Overall, I'd say it made a big difference and helped us to focus only on the more complex agreements. We uploaded 72 NDAs in less than an hour.


Overall, I'd say it's a very impressive feature, and really in line with where you want to see AI go. I really like the fact that you can see the portion of the contract from where the A.I. makes its assumptions, so that you can double-check it's confidence level. I can't recall many instances where I was unable to accept a "High" confidence level field. "


- Customer of a customer lifecycle management software Sifter Engine client

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Embed LegalSifter - Orange.png

Embedded AI

White-label our Sifters to make your software smarter and your clients happier.

Flexible Implementation.png
Flexible implementation

We offer either an

on-premise or cloud API, based upon your needs. 

Speed - Orange.png

Quick setup

We support you throughout a speedy deployment.  

Extract - Orange.png

Find and extract

Our Sifters pull relevant language in seconds, saving hours.

VeraSafe Logo.png

Secure data

Security is a core value; we belong to the VeraSafe™ Privacy Program.

Upgrade - Orange.png

Regular updates

As Sifters become smarter, your product gets better at no cost.

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