Do you have force majeure provisions in your contracts?


It happens.


Gorillas in the office are not a real problem (usually). Scary contract terms are.


As a small or medium-sized enterprise, showing every agreement you negotiate to a lawyer is too expensive. Once you sign a contract, keeping track of it is equally a pain.


LegalSifter and Sifter Concierge were built to solve these problems.

As a small or medium-sized enterprise, you sign contracts without the help of an attorney every week. Outside counsel is too costly for you to use for anything but the most important contracts. 

LegalSifter fixes this pre-signature contract challenge. It reads contracts and gives in-context advice. It helps you avoid signing something you should not. It's fast and easy to use.


For our more advanced clients you may configure LegalSifter for the specific needs of your team with a short implementation process.


How LegalSifter Works: Contract review in a minute or two.



Upload the contract you are reviewing in pdf, doc or docx format and select the document type from your negotiating perspective.

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Our Sifters tell you what important business and legal concepts are missing and present. They offer in-context advice from either your lawyers and leaders or from our library of best practices.

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Edit contract in LegalSifter and export to Word, WordPerfect, Google Docs, or any other word processing application.

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Clients use LegalSifter every day across 6 use cases.

  1. Review other party's paper.


Small businesses typically purchase the Small Business or Essentials edition of LegalSifter. Both editions offer out-of-the-box help, and include the following:

  • No implementation fees.

  • Weekly software and Sifter updates.

  • Unlimited technical support.

  • Unlimited training.

  • Attorney and standard help text versions.

  • LegalSifter Document Type templates built by lawyers, experts, and partners.


LegalSifter, the product, is trained from the buyer and supplier perspective. All prices below include either the Buyer or Supplier Package of the following Document Types: 

  • Consulting Agreement

  • General Terms and Conditions

  • Goods Agreement

  • Hotel Agreement

  • Modern Contract Language by Ken Adams

  • Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement

  • Services Agreement

  • Software End User License Agreement

  • Software-as-a-Service Agreement

  • Unilateral Nondisclosure Agreement: Discloser

  • Unilateral Nondisclosure Agreement: Recipient

Clients may subscribe to our Leases and Privacy packages for the same cost as our Buyer and Supplier packages:

  • Leases

    • Commercial Real Estate Lease: Landlord​
    • Commercial Real Estate Lease: Tenant
  • Privacy

    • GDPR Data Processing Agreement
    • Business Associate Agreement

Buyer, Supplier, Leases, or Privacy Package Pricing

Best Value

2 Years

Small Business

Each organization may sift up to 5 times per month.



(billed annually)

1 Year



(billed annually)




(billed monthly)


Each user may sift an unlimited number of times.



(billed annually)



(billed annually)



(billed monthly)

To configure LegalSifter for your business, select the Professional edition.

Sift business-as-usual contracts from a Buyer or Supplier perspective.


  • Configurable LegalSifter for your playbooks and policies.

  • Unlimited access to Sifter Library.

  • Unlimited technical support.
  • Unlimited training.

  • Attorney and standard help text versions.

  • Weekly software and Sifter updates.

  • LegalSifter Document Type templates built by lawyers and experts.

  • Consulting Agreement; General Terms and Conditions; Goods Agreement; Hotel Agreement; Modern Contract Language by Ken AdamsNondisclosure Agreement; Services Agreement; Software End User License Agreement; and Software-as-a-Service Agreement


  • Leases and Privacy Packages are both $49 (2-Year) and $79 (1-Year) per user per month.

Implementation Cost

  • Implementation support from an attorney for a minimum of $2,500.

Best Value

2 Years


Configure LegalSifter for your organization.



(billed annually)

1 Year



(billed annually)


Compare the three editions of LegalSifter.


Like navigating the road, A.I. will help steer you through contracts. 

Sift before you sign.

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