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Fornaro Law is so much better because of our partnership with LegalSifter.


The innovative solution of a lawyer plus AI is groundbreaking in the legal community.  Those law firms and companies that ignore it will be left behind.

— Phil Fornaro, Managing Attorney

Chicago, Illinois, USA


We are excited to team up with LegalSifter to bring this cutting-edge legal A.I. technology to China. We think the combination of LegalSifter's powerful platform and our bilingual capability and expertise in China provides Chinese users with an unmatched tool to do cross-border deals smarter and faster.

— Robert Lewis, Chief Legal Officer

Beijing, China


“Pairing cutting-edge technology with our proven attorney services is what makes LegalEase effective and unique, and we are thrilled to offer a powerful contract review solution with our partners at LegalSifter.”

— Tariq Hafiz, President/Co-Founder

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

"Patrick Law Group is committed to providing innovative legal solutions to our clients, and we are excited to bring artificial intelligence to the contract negotiation process. Artificial intelligence is transforming the practice of law, and our clients will be able to expedite contract review by leveraging LegalSifter's A.I. and PLG's deep expertise in drafting and negotiating agreements.

— Lizz Patrick, Founding Attorney

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

“This technology picks up best practices and checklists out of our lawyers' heads, drops them into documents, delivers the advice and learns with feedback. It is consistent, fast, does not lose focus and never makes the same mistake after it has learnt the right approach. It closes the gap between service delivery and client objectives. Simply put, it allows clients and counsel to move faster.”

— Narin Xavier de Saini, Director

Docklands, Victoria, Australia

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The reaction from clients has been incredibly positive. In every demo, the client sees the potential of the solution and is keen to develop it further.

— Susan Honeyands, Partner

 Bristol, United Kingdom

“The use of A.I. for contract review will be the new standard for legal work. Businesses will look to their counsel to enable A.I. for advanced risk avoidance and financial gain.”

— Marcy Smorey-Giger, Founder

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

"We at Porobija & Špoljarić are extremely proud to become partners with the visionary LegalSifter team who are destined to be the frontrunners in the fast-rising legal tech industry."

— Marko Porobija, Managing Partner

Varaždin, Croatia

"We are confident that with the support from LegalSifter and our team, many Japanese companies will take on the challenge of overseas business at ease."

— Tomohiro Ono, CEO

TandemSprint, Tokyo, Japan 

No longer will cost be an impediment to quality contract review by a lawyer, in-house or external.  Our clients want highly efficient and accurate legal advice, and more value for their investment… that is precisely what AI brings to the table.

— Alberto Estrella, Managing Member

San Juan, Puerto Rico

We’re approaching a tipping point. I’m cautious about saying that because expecting change in the legal profession requires a long waiting period. But the fact that I’m involved in an initiative like LegalSifter is a very tangible indication that we’re getting more effective in terms of how to handle contracts

— Ken Adams, Author

Garden City, New York, USA

Artificial intelligence represents an opportunity for law firms to deliver legal services faster and more efficiently. We have been informally working with LegalSifter for more than a year and have come to know they are at the forefront in applying A.I. technology to the legal sector.  Nexsen Pruet’s decision to more formally partner with LegalSifter to supplement how we deliver legal services and legal solutions demonstrates our commitment to bring the best technology and legal project management skills to the legal services we deliver to our clients.

— Peter Santos, Managing Member

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

"We're excited about this great opportunity to partner with LegalSifter. We’re particularly impressed with LegalSifter’s flexibility to be “localised” to meet Australian needs."

— Peter Fazio, Founder & CEO

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

“I just did my first sift on an NDA, and it worked great. In less than 10 minutes I opened the document, sifted it, marked up the contract with suggested changes, and sent it to the client. And it would have been faster if I wasn’t so slow at the keyboard. This is a great tool.”

— Dan Mulholland, Senior Partner

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA