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AI-Enabled Contract Review and Redlining Service

Full-service contract review when you do not have the time.
Our team will use LegalSifter Review to turn your contracts around in one business day. 

Make buy and sales cycles faster and safer.

We will edit and, if desired, negotiate contracts for you.



Send us the contract.

  • Software.

  • Goods.

  • Services.

  • NDAs.

  • Everyday contracts.

Sift & Edit.


A lawyer will sift your contract in LegalSifter Review and edit it based on your positions and our best practices. 



We will deliver an edited agreement to you or the other party at your option.

LegalSifter Review Concierge Lawyer.png

Onboarding in hours.


LegalSifter Review Concierge clients confirm their key negotiating positions and conduct a few tests before launch.

LegalSifter Review Concierge Implementation Process.png

"Our clients are constantly asking us to review contracts. LegalSiter Review Concierge allows us to quickly and efficiently provide our clients with redlined contracts, and it does so at scale. We don't have to drop everything else we're already doing to respond to that client's last-minute request. By providing fast and intelligent service to our clients, we're also able to charge them for the value we're creating, not just for the time it takes us to do it."

Andrew Legrand

Founding Partner

Andrew Legrand Smiling.png
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Combined Intelligence that gets better results for you.

  • Experienced contract lawyers and paralegals.

  • AI built on hundreds of thousands of global contracts.

  • Consistent.

  • Out-of-the-box expertise tailored to your points of view.

LegalSifter Review Concierge is loaded with global best practices, including many written by our own Chief Content Officer, Ken Adams.

Ken has an international reputation as the leading expert on contract language. He is the author of the bestselling A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, published by the American Bar Association. 

Ken and other global subject matter experts review and write the default advice that attorneys use when executing LegalSifter Review Concierge.

Ken Adams
A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting.

Built for those that lack either the time or the expertise.

LegalSifter Review Concierge clients find traditional sources of contract review and negotiation to be too slow or too expensive.

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