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LegalSifter for Manufacturing

Streamline Your Manufacturing Contract Operations Before and After Signing

At LegalSifter, we recognize the specific challenges manufacturing companies face with contracts, such as:

  • High volume of procurement contracts
  • Managing negotiations on counterparty paper
  • Tracking vendor obligations post-signature

The complexities can easily become overwhelming with the limited number of resources available. Let us help you simplify your contract operations.


LegalSifter’s Solution: AI-Powered Software, Expertise, and People

LegalSifter combines artificial intelligence with expertise and people to streamline contract reviews, reduce risk, and ensure compliance, enabling your manufacturing business to operate with confidence.


Quick Contract Review

LegalSifter’s AI-powered software efficiently sifts through contracts before you sign, identifying key clauses and potential issues based on your company’s compliance standards. This approach not only speeds up the review process but also increases accuracy, allowing your team to focus on strategic negotiations.

Optimized Vendor Management

Centralize all vendor contracts to ensure timely renewals, better negotiation outcomes, and effective tracking of vendor rebates.

Manage Renewals Proactively

Keep track of key contract dates and set automated reminders to ensure timely actions and prevent unwanted contract renewals.

Flexible Service Options

Whether you prefer to manage contract reviews in-house using our AI tools or need extra support, LegalSifter offers flexible solutions. Pre-signature you can choose to sift your own agreements with our software or leverage our team as an extension of yours to handle the reviews. After you sign our team can help with your document and data organization as well as CLM administration. This flexibility ensures that you always have the right level of support to meet your changing needs. Learn more about our Contract Control Program.



What our clients are saying

"LegalSifter's program is giving me a more complete solution to my contract operations pains. The solution helps me improve my templates, automate contract requests, speed up or offload contract reviews, and organize all my contract data to let me focus on the business".

Discover Smarter Contract Management
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