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AI Legal Software for the Manufacturing Industry

Contract review and management are vital for manufacturing companies to establish clear and legally binding agreements with suppliers, distributors, employees, and other stakeholders, ensuring smooth operations and compliance with legal and industry standards.

Manufacturing often involves proprietary technologies and designs. Contracts help protect intellectual property through confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and clauses outlining ownership of intellectual property created during the manufacturing process.  Our Combined Intelligence®, combining AI software with human expertise, can help ensure your company's compliance with environmental standards, workplace safety, and other regulatory requirements. Our AI-powered “Sifters” are like having an extra set of eyes, catching clauses in contracts your team may miss. In addition to this LegalSifter brings you human expertise that software alone cannot. We provide hundreds of playbooks including global best practices and advice, many written by the leading experts on contract language. We have a team of lawyers and contract experts who can both review and organize your contracts for you with guaranteed results.


Learn how LegalSifter can help you: