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LegalSifter for Software and Technology Companies

Gain Valuable Contract Insights Before and After Signing

At LegalSifter, we understand the unique challenges that fast-growing technology companies face in managing contracts. Common issues include:

  • Slow contract approvals delaying revenue
  • High risk of non-compliance
  • Insufficient staff for contract management
  • Lack of visibility into key provisions

Let us manage your contract operations so you can focus on growing and scaling your business.


LegalSifter’s Solution: Combining AI, Expertise, and People

LegalSifter combines artificial intelligence with contract expertise and people to deliver a powerful solution for high-growth technology and software companies managing a high volume of contracts. Our AI tools and expert services streamline contract reviews, reduce errors, and ensure contract compliance, enabling you to scale and grow with confidence.


Accelerated Contract Approvals

LegalSifter’s AI-powered software reads and reviews contracts in minutes, reducing manual work and helping you identify key clauses and potential issues before you sign. Meanwhile, automated workflows speed up the contract review process.

Centralized Contract Repository

With LegalSifter, all your contracts are stored in a secure, cloud-based location that can be accessed at any time. This improves contract visibility and simplifies management, ensuring that no contract is ever lost or overlooked.

Reliable Contract Data

LegalSifter makes sure that you have accurate, trustworthy contract data at your fingertips , allowing for confident decision making and planning.

Flexible Service Options

We understand that your contract needs may change daily. LegalSifter’s Contract Control Program provides you with the flexibility to choose from our Before You Sign and After You Sign software and services. Learn more about our Contract Control Program.
Discover Smarter Contract Management
Take the first step towards more efficient contract management. Book your discovery meeting now and see the difference LegalSifter makes for universities.