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Trade Contract Chaos for Control

AI Software and Expert Services to Relieve Your Contract Pain

Managing contracts—from creation and negotiation to compliance and closure—can be complex and costly, especially without a dedicated contract operations function. Contract operations often fall into the white space between teams, making it difficult to fund, staff, and manage.

Our AI software and expert services fill this gap, centralizing contract operations to make it faster and more affordable, while freeing your teams to focus on their core business.


Business contracts are a pain.

Contracts are the most important documents in global commerce, yet they are painful and time-consuming to read, negotiate, and organize. Whether your pains are pre-signature, post-signature, or managing it all, we have a solution.


No time. More Risk.

Getting a signature takes too long.

  • Bad agreements
  • Long sales and procurement cycles
  • Negotiations on third-party paper
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Slow, expensive outside lawyers

No visibility.

You don't know what you've signed.

  • Hidden risks
  • Too much scrolling
  • Can't find agreements, terms, or conditions
  • Missed deadlines
Too-busy-to-review-contracts (1)

No control.

No workflow or place to store all contracts.

  • Contracts all over the place
  • Manual document handling
  • No system for routing or tracking where documents are
  • Inconsistent approaches

Simplify contract-related procedures, reduce risks, and improve the overall contract operations management.

At LegalSifter, we’re more than just AI software or services; we’re a partner in contract operations. We offer both full-service and self-service options to suit your needs. We will take care of the tedious but necessary contract tasks—from reviewing to organizing— or your team can do it using our AI software. LegalSifter’s contract operations software and services enable your business to sign safe contracts, fully understand what you're signing, and maintain control throughout the contract lifecycle. 


LegalSifter’s Combined Intelligence® approach blends AI-powered software, expertise, and people to solve contract operations pain.

Combined Intelligence

When combining AI-powered software, expertise, and people, contracts can be reviewed, negotiated, and organized faster and with higher quality than when these elements are used alone.

  • AI-Powered Software: Our Sifters read text and identify specific legal concepts, saving time and costs.

  • Expertise: We know contracts, it’s all we do. We have ready-to-use templates and guidance crafted by attorneys with relevant expertise, reducing risk and ensuring accuracy and compliance.

  • People: We maintain a 'human in the loop' approach, where experts oversee AI operations and support clients with critical contract administration services.


LegalSifter's contract operations software and services

We provide contract operations software and services in a flexible structure so you don’t have to piece together the keys to success on your own. With the Contract Control Program, you determine what you need—from self-service AI contract review to redlining services and contract and data organization—exactly when your business needs it. Plus, our simple pricing model ensures predictable costs, giving you financial clarity and control.

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We know contracts.

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See how our solutions can help cure your contract pain.

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