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Flexible Full-Service and Self-Service Contract Control

Our AI software and expert services keep contracts from slowing your business, prevent leaky revenues, and lower your risk of signing something you shouldn't.
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What is your contract pain?

Too Busy to Review Contracts
No time. More risk.
Getting to signature takes too long.
No visibility.
You don’t know what you've signed.
No control.
No workflow or place to store all contracts.

Contracts are a pain.

As is contract lifecycle management (CLM) software.

Contracts are the most important documents in global commerce, yet they are a pain to read, negotiate, and organize. And contract work is typically underfunded and understaffed.

Buying CLM software is rarely the answer. You don't have the time to manage it.

Take back your time and manage your expanding business with self-service and full-service contract solutions in a flexible cost model.

We cure contract pain for businesses with Combined Intelligence®, combining artificial intelligence and human expertise delivered through software and services with our Contract Control Program

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What our clients are saying

Before, I opened a contract and dove in blind. Now I run it through LegalSifter® first. LegalSifter Review cuts the time in half, providing more reliability and ensuring compliance.

LegalSifter by the numbers

2,000+ pre-built, ready-to-use Sifters (AI models)
Clients around the world
Contracts sifted
Years of curing contract pain
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