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Contract Operations to Relieve Contract Pain.

Get control of your contract operations with AI software and expert services delivered in a flexible solution that guarantees results.
Learn about our Contract Control Program

What is your contract pain?

No time. More risk.
Getting to signature takes too long.
No visibility.
You don’t know what you've signed.
No control.
No workflow or place to store all contracts.

Business contracts are a pain.

Contracts are the most important documents in global commerce, yet they are painful and time-consuming to read, negotiate, and organize. 

Software alone won’t cut it.
Managing contracts isn't just about having the right software; it takes expert people, defined processes, and the latest technology to work.

Budget and resources are limited. 
Why piece together a solution with multiple vendors, unpredictable costs, and unrealistic terms when you don’t have the budget, time, or people to do so?

Contract Operations: Simplified
We cure contract pain for businesses by combining artificial intelligence and human expertise delivered through our one-of-a-kind Contract Control Program

Learn how LegalSifter can help you:


Before You Sign: Create, review, or negotiate your contracts, or our lawyers will do it for you on the same or next day.

After You Sign: Organize and analyze your contracts, or let our expert Sifting Services team do it for you with 99%+ accuracy.

Flexible Use: Use our software yourself or let our experts handle it, fitting exactly what your business needs.

LegalSifter by the numbers

2,000+ pre-built, ready-to-use Sifters (AI models)
Clients around the world
Contracts sifted
Years of curing contract pain
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