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LegalSifter for Healthcare

Gain Valuable Contract Insights Before and After Signing

At LegalSifter, we understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare entities when it comes to reviewing and managing contracts, including:

  • Time to signature on new agreements
  • Complexity of contract terms
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Timely renewals and terminations
  • Easy access to system-wide contracts

Healthcare organizations need to focus on positive patient outcomes rather than contract administration. Let us help you simplify your contract operations so you can prioritize patient care.


LegalSifter’s Solution: AI Software, Expertise, and People

At LegalSifter, we blend artificial intelligence with contract expertise and services to offer a powerful solution for healthcare organizations. Our AI tools and expertise make contract reviews a breeze, spotting opportunities and risks while ensuring compliance. This means your business contracts, service agreements, and vendor contracts stay organized and accurate, helping you make smarter decisions.


Review Contracts in Minutes

LegalSifter’s AI-powered software, LegalSifter Review, efficiently sifts through contracts, identifying key clauses and potential issues based on your compliance standards and contract playbooks before you sign. This approach not only speeds up the review process but also allows your team to focus on strategic negotiations.

Easy System-Wide Access to Executed Contracts

Have all of your contracts throughout the system stored in a centralized location so you can easily search and access data that would otherwise require tedious and time-consuming manual searches. LegalSifter accurately and appropriately flags important information, such as contract renewal dates and payment terms, allowing for easy search and access.

Efficient Physician Contracting

Efficiently manage and access all aspects of physician contracts, from expected hours to administrative duties and insurance coverage. This promotes more effective negotiations and is especially important for compliance with the Stark Law record-keeping requirements.

HIPAA Compliance

Make sure that business associate contracts and addenda from third parties comply with the law and your requirements.

Manage Renewals

Track key contract dates and set automated reminders, ensuring timely actions and avoiding the renewal of contracts you do not want to renew.

Flexible Service Options

Whether you prefer to manage contract reviews in-house using our AI tools or need extra support, LegalSifter offers flexible solutions. You can choose to use any combination of our Before You Sign and After You Sign offerings. This flexibility ensures that you always have the right level of support to meet your changing needs. Learn more about our Contract Control Program.
Discover Smarter Contract Management
Take the first step towards more efficient contract management. Book your discovery meeting now and see the difference LegalSifter makes healthcare entities.