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AI Legal Software for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is heavily regulated, and compliance with laws and regulations is crucial. Our Combined Intelligence®, combining AI software with human expertise, can help ensure that your company's contracts align with healthcare laws, privacy regulations (such as HIPAA), and other legal requirements.

Healthcare providers often enter into contracts with service providers, such as IT services, consulting, or outsourcing companies. Well-drafted contracts help outline the scope of services, service levels, and expectations, minimizing potential disputes. LegalSifter review can cut review time in half by consistently identifying missing or risky provisions with AI-guided review. Or we can do all for you.

Healthcare providers handle a large volume of contracts for patient agreements, including consent forms, treatment agreements, and financial agreements. These contracts ensure that patients understand their rights, responsibilities, and the scope of healthcare services. LegalSifter helps providers organize and control their work. LegalSifter Organize provides Expert services to identify, organize, and verify all your contract documents and data with 99%+ accuracy. Our management platform,  Legalsifter Control, provides practical workflows, security, a central repository, and visibility to all your contracts.


Learn how LegalSifter can help you: