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LegalSifter for Insurance Carriers and Brokers

Mitigate your risk and add value for your clients.

At LegalSifter, we recognize the distinct challenges that insurance carriers and brokers face with managing contracts, such as:

  • Ensuring clients aren’t signing contracts that transfer excessive risk.
  • Giving legal advice to clients - beyond risk assessment for insurability - leading to risk of unauthorized practice of law claims.
  • High E&O exposure

Simplify your contract operations with LegalSifter and focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients. Achieve accurate and consistent contract reviews, speed up the process to save time, reduce costs, and lower your risk exposure.


LegalSifter's Solution: AI Software, Contract Expertise, and People

LegalSifter combines artificial intelligence with expertise and people to deliver a powerful solution for insurance carriers and brokers. Our AI software paired with expert services streamline contract reviews, reduce risk, and ensure compliance, enabling your business to operate with confidence. By adopting LegalSifter, insurance companies cannot only safeguard their interests but also improve their service delivery, leading to better client satisfaction and reduced risk exposure.


Risk Mitigation for Carriers

By leveraging LegalSifter's contract review capabilities, insurance carriers can ensure that their clients aren't signing contracts that transfer excessive risk. This helps in reducing potential losses, as the carrier won't have to pay out claims resulting from poorly negotiated contracts.

Efficient Contract Management

For brokers who distribute insurance products, LegalSifter can streamline the contract review process, making it faster and more consistent. This efficiency not only saves time but also reduces operational costs.

Value-Added Services

Brokers can use LegalSifter to offer value-added services to their clients, such as quick-turn contract reviews. This enhances their service offering, helping them retain clients by providing more comprehensive support.

Standardization Across Processes

LegalSifter can help both carriers and brokers standardize their contract review processes. Whether the reviews are conducted by attorneys or brokers, the platform ensures consistency and accuracy, which is crucial for maintaining professional standards.

Underwriter Support

For underwriters, LegalSifter can provide a detailed repository of contractual obligations and potential risks. This information can be invaluable in making informed underwriting decisions and setting appropriate premiums and coverage.
Discover Smarter Contract Management
Take the first step towards more efficient contract management. Schedule a discovery meeting now and see how LegalSifter can transform contract review and management for insurance carriers and brokers.