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Meet the “Notices” Sifters

It’s time for another new group of Sifters to have their time in the spotlight. Meet the “Notices” Sifters!

  • Notices: All Notices Must Be in Writing (searches for a statement that notices under a contract must be in writing)

  • Notices: How to Deliver Notices (searches for a statement of how to deliver notices under the contract)

  • Notices: When Notices Are Effective (searches for a statement of when a notice is deemed to have been delivered)

  • Notices: Changing Contact Information (searches for a provision saying what’s required for a party to change to where its notices are sent)

  • Notices: Intended Recipient (searches for the intended recipient of notices sent under the contract)

For a quick overview of the issues these Sifters look for, see my 9-minute video Ken’s Hot Take on Notices Provisions (here). And you can also get my latest and greatest notices provision and a list of related resources.

Two of these Sifters that have been around for a while are being reworked, namely Notices: How to Deliver (still known for a while longer as Notice Delivery) and Notices: Intended Recipient. The rest address issues that had been included, unhelpfully, in one of the old Sifters. All these Sifters are still working their way through the production process.

This expanded coverage reflects our new approach: building on our initial Sifters, we’re now covering topics more comprehensively and in a more targeted way. We aim to give users the option of looking for all boilerplate issues that are addressed with any frequency.

Whether, and how, you can use the new “Notices” Sifters depends on your LegalSifter account. If you have a Professionals account, you can incorporate the new Sifters in your document types as you wish. If you have an Essentials account, you won’t have the benefit of the new “Notices” Sifters until we incorporate them in document types available to you. In due course we’ll create a “Boilerplate” document type that contains all our new families of boilerplate Sifters.

If you have any questions about the new sifters, you’re welcome to contact me at

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