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Pressure Test Your Contracts Against Millions of Contracts.

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

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In this City of Contracts podcast, Ken Adams speaks with Preston Clark, co-founder of LawInsider a free contracts database with over 1,238,588 documents contained on this website are SEC contract filings that are catalogued and indexed daily. Preston explains the benefits of the LawInsider database, its popularity, and why its attracting hundreds of new users per day.

Millions of clauses to pressure test against whatever contracts exist on users' desks.

Preston is an accomplished attorney and entrepreneur, having worked as the Assistant General Counsel at the University of Miami, VP of Sales and Business Development at ThinkHR, Chief Revenue Officer of LawRoom, and most recently, President of Everfi.

LawInsider is used by over 150,000 in-house counsel, attorneys, contract managers and entrepreneurs who use its search functionality to identify model contracts and clauses for use in contract drafting.

LawInsider was co-founded by Preston Clark, an attorney and software executive in San Francisco, along with a team of talented engineers and AI experts.