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AI Contract Review Software

Contract review in a minute or two.

Negotiate contracts confidently with self-service AI software that includes comprehensive advice.​

Works where you work.

Get contract advice in the applications you use every day.

Export to Microsoft Word.

Export to Google Docs.

Access LegalSifter Review from any browser.

Connect LegalSifter Review to your existing apps or contract lifecycle mgmt (CLM) software.

Negotiate counterparty contracts with confidence.

LegalSifter Review's advice, written by our contract experts or yours, stops you from accepting risky provisions.


​LegalSifter Review is loaded with global best practices, many written by the leading expert on contract language, international bestselling author, speaker, and LegalSifter's Chief Content Officer, Ken Adams.

Ken Adams.JPG
A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting.

LegalSifter Review is fast, easy to use, and configurable. Learn how to sift before you sign.

Onboarding is simple and proven.

Led by one of our lawyers, Professional clients configure LegalSifter Review. Essentials clients need only a few minutes of training to begin sifting.

LegalSifter Review Implementation Process.png
Dan Mulholland_edited.jpg

"I just did my first sift on an NDA, and it worked great! In under 10 minutes, I sifted the contract, marked it up with suggested changes, and sent it to the client. And it would've been faster if I wasn't slow at the keyboard!"

Dan Mulholland

Senior Partner

Horty Springer Logo.jpg

AI that negotiates with suppliers for you.

If you are a buyer negotiating on supplier paper, you will save time by setting up LegalSifter Review to do the first round of negotiation with the other party for you.

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