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Contract Control Program™

Full-service and self-service contract operations to fit any budget.

LegalSifter’s Contract Control Program is all about giving you choices and control. Manage contracts using our AI software and playbooks, or let our experts handle everything for you, including redlining and organizing. Get exactly what you need, when you need it on any given work day.

Flexibility at your fingertips

Don’t piece together the keys to contract operations success by yourself. The Contract Control Program gives you the power to combine any of our Before Your Sign and After You Sign offerings in a predictable and flexible cost structure for unpredictable needs.

Before you sign

Create, review, or negotiate your contracts, or we’ll do it for you.


After you sign

Organize, analyze, and store your contracts, or we’ll do it for you.

LegalSifter Review

Review and negotiate your contracts using our AI Sifters, or our lawyers will do it for you.

Adams Contracts

With Adams Contracts, a division of LegalSifter®, we offer our Ken Adams’ expertise to you with highly customizable document-assembly templates, or we’ll help create a new one.

Redlining Services

Send us a draft contract by 1:00 PM US Eastern Time and get it the same day. Send it to us after 1:00 PM US Eastern Time and get it the next day unless expedited.

LegalSifter Organize

Organize and analyze your contracts, or let our expert Sifting Services team do it for you with 99%+ accuracy.

Crafting Your Contract Control Program Subscription:
Sift Credits and a 4-Step Process

Contract Control Program subscribers receive ‘Sift Credits’ to access all of the features and functionality at LegalSifter. Think of Sift Credits as the equivalent of resort dollars at a vacation destination. Just as vacationers use resort dollars for snorkeling, drinks, and dinner, our clients use Sift Credits to create contract templates, review contracts with AI, have our attorneys edit and negotiate draft contracts, and organize information in signed agreements while you run your business.

Our Growth team will assist you in selecting the appropriate number of Sift Credits for your needs, allowing your team to use them at your discretion throughout a 1 to 5-year subscription period.

We craft your subscription in the following 4-step process:



Our growth team works with you to understand where your contract pains are: Before you sign, after you sign, or both. We want to understand your goals and motivations.



Once we understand your needs, our Growth team recommends an ideal number of Sift Credits based on your likely activity. We plan Sift Credits conservatively in the early stages of our partnership.



Our Growth team presents you with multiple flexible commercial options, tailored to your specific scope and requirements.



Once subscribed, our Growth and Sifting Services teams guide you through the onboarding process, ensuring a seamless transition to the launch of your Contract Control Program.

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Guaranteed Results

Our contract services are managed using lean manufacturing principles that give us the ability to quickly, consistently, and affordably provide redlining services and deliver clean, accurate data on all your contracts.

  • Redlining Service Turnaround Times: Send us a draft contract by 1:00 PM US Eastern Time and get it the same day. Send it to us after 1:00 PM US Eastern Time and get it the next day unless expedited.  

  • Contract Organization and Data Extraction: We ensure your satisfaction with our 99%+ Data Quality Guarantee with LegalSifter Organize. If your data is not at least 99% accurate, we fix it at no additional cost to you.

The Contract Control Program can include any combination of LegalSifter solutions:

Build your own program.
Build the right Contract Control Program for your organization’s unique contract operations needs and budget.