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Adams Contracts™

When it comes to contract drafting no one comes close to LegalSifter's Chief Content Officer, Ken Adams.

With Adams Contracts, a division of LegalSifter®, we offer Ken's expertise to you with highly customizable document-assembly templates. Get sophisticated or go basic, depending on your needs.


With decades of experience and expertise, Ken is an authority on the building blocks of contract language.

  • His book A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, now in its fifth edition, is “a classic,” is “extraordinary,” and has sold tens of thousands of copies
  • His work has been widely cited by courts, notably the Delaware Court of Chancery
  • He’s done hundreds of Drafting Clearer Contracts presentations to companies, law firms, government agencies, and the public around the world.
  • He has written 2,600+ blog posts and dozens of articles