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AI Contract Management & Review Software & Services

Have you ever negotiated a contract ... 

Contract Pain Areas

We cure contract pain with Combined Intelligence™️ before and after you sign.

Our mission is to bring affordable legal services to the world.

We make products that combine artif
icial and human intelligence—Combined Intelligence™️—built as software, service, or both.

We focus on contracts because they are the most important documents in global commerce and are a pain for businesses and consumers alike.

AI-based products that cure contract pain.

Before You Sign

Learn about our Combined Intelligence products used before you sign agreements.

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Too Busy to Review Contracts.png

Negotiate contracts faster, affordably, and safely with our self-service AI-powered app that gives you contract guidance in a minute or two.


Contract pains cured include:

  • Bad agreements.

  • Long sales and procurement cycles.

  • Negotiations on counterparty's paper.

Full-service contract review of everyday contracts with lawyers and LegalSifter Review when you don't have the time.


Contract pains cured include:

  • Feeling overwhelmed.

  • Slow, expensive outside lawyers.

  • Unhappy customers.

After You Sign

Learn about our Combined Intelligence™️ products used after you sign agreements.

LegalSifter Organize.jpg

Find and analyze information trapped in the text of your  documents with the help of our AI Sifters in LegalSifter Organize.


Contract pains cured include:

  • Hidden risks.

  • Too much scrolling.

  • Missed deadlines.

Image by Christa Dodoo

Let us organize your legacy and newly executed contracts while you run your business. We guarantee data accuracy and we'll include a contract repository if you need it.


Contract pains cured include:

  • Feeling out of control.

  • Can't find agreements, terms, or conditions.

  • No time.

We know contracts.

Don't Buy CLM.png

Buying contract lifecycle management software and administering it on your own is the wrong strategy for most. Most report that "our contracts are a mess ... we don’t know where they are or what we have signed."

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