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Before You Sign

Creating and reviewing contracts take time and can be inconsistent within your team, creating more risk for you. Create and review contracts better, safer, even faster with LegalSifter.

Not Enough Time

  • Increasing workloads and stress
  • Signing risky agreements
  • Longer sales and procurement cycles
  • Unpredictable outside counsel bills
  • Inbound requests in email, texts, and hallways
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  • LegalSifter Review® can shorten contract review to a minute or two. Easy-to-use AI-powered software that is full of expert guidance has reduced contract review times by more than 50% for many LegalSifter clients
  • Once LegalSifter Review is configured for your contract types and playbooks, you can easily offload a portion of your contracts to LegalSifter lawyers for 1st pass redlining on a contract-by-contract basis, as needed
  • Automate and gain control of contract intake with LegalSifter ControlTM workflows and ticketing capabilities. Integrate contract requests with your current business systems to minimize new processes and changes to be managed

Managing Risk

  • Not getting to all the contracts I need to
  • Negotiating on counterparty’s paper
  • No way to ensure compliance
  • Inconsistent templates and playbooks
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  • Easily configure and disseminate templates and playbooks into the business with LegalSifter Review
  • Leverage expert contract templates, playbooks, and guidance, many created by leading contract experts including international bestselling author, speaker, and LegalSifter's Chief Content Officer, Ken Adams
  • Workflow for review and approvals of entire contracts, specific sections, or clauses within a contract

Contract Drafting

  • Risks of copy and editing old contracts
  • No time to "start over" to create clean 1st party templates
  • Contract language that's unclear
  • Keeping up with new policies, regulations, and maintaining templates
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  • Easily create data-driven playbooks and templates from recommendations based on what you've signed in the past
  • Access the contract expertise of Ken Adams through Adams Contracts™, a subscription solution that allows you to create clean, clear contracts specific to your needs by going through a simple online form with annotations and guidance from a network of contract experts
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*LegalSifter, Inc. is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. The legal teams of our clients supervise the legal work of LegalSifter lawyers.