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LegalSifter Control

A practical and powerful contract management platform that streamlines and automates across the entire contract lifecycle. Our solution uniquely integrates our services to expand your team’s capacity to review contracts, ensure clean accurate contract data, and manage the administration of your program.
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Organizing Contracts

  • We don’t know where our signed contracts are. We have no systems to store and manage signed contracts.
  • Manual document handling, searching through emails, files, and folders.

A centralized, secure repository to easily organize and manage all your contracts.

  • Digitize all contracts with high-quality OCR technology.
  • Automatically extract and populate key data fields for each contract.
  • Ability to set document relationships and link them based on parent/child hierarchy.
  • Smart Search - Instantly find any contract in your business with one simple search
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Managing Workflows

  • Contracts and requests are received in email, hardcopy, or homegrown systems with incomplete information and unclear priorities.
  • Contract work is not coordinated across functions.

A comprehensive and flexible ticketing system to easily track and route contract work through assignments, stages, reviews, and approvals.

  • Automate and manage contract requests with web forms and integration with key business systems.
  • Route/Notify/Escalate - rules-based routing and notifications for new approval requests, overdue actions, target response dates, and escalation information.
  • E-Signature Integration - Leverage any e-signature product to get contracts sent, signed, and delivered.

Creating Contracts

  • No control over contracts with end users working outside established processes or tools.
  • Compliance and business risk by copying and editing old contracts.

Automated contract assembly enables your business team to create the contracts they need.

  • Easily build, organize, and manage your contract standards and templates.
  • Compliance and speed using standard templates, a clause library, expert guidance, and rules-based forms.
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Reviewing Contracts

  • Reviewing and negotiating contracts is a manual time-consuming process.  
  • Inconsistent approaches and levels of expertise within the team increase risk.

AI-powered automated contract review and negotiation management.

  • Clause identification and comparison to org defined acceptable clauses, AI-based redline and negotiation recommendations.
  • Workflow for review/approval of entire contract, specific sections, or clauses within a contract.
  • E-Signature integration with Adobe Sign, DocuSign, or other industry-standard signature providers.
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Analyzing Contracts

  • Missing deadlines, renewing or terminating contracts you didn’t intend to.
  • No insight on what we are signing and with whom, obligations, and opportunities for improvement.

Understand exactly what's in your contracts, manage obligations, and improve the contract lifecycle.

  • Alerts and performance tracking reduce the risk of expirations and non-conformance.
  • Save money with better visibility of incentives and discounts, optimized negotiations, and improved vendor management.
  • Track and notify on date-related obligations with automatic workflow initiation for contract renewal or termination.
  • Clause & negotiation efficiency - see all your deviations from standard terms across all contracts to optimize your negotiation speed and effectiveness.
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Seamlessly integrate with your business systems

Change management is not easy. Forcing users across your business functions into another new system can stall success. That's why LegalSifter Control integrates with the tools your teams already know to drive quick wins and efficiency. We offer standard and custom integrations with systems including:

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