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Sifting Services

Our clients seldom have the time to manage their contracts, before or after they are signed.

Our lawyers and contract experts use our AI-powered software to deliver guaranteed results affordably when you need to spend time on more important work.

AI to look over your shoulder.
A Sifter reviews your document to find an important concept that demands attention or is missing entirely.
Always learning.
Feedback from our clients makes our Sifters smarter every week.
Read faster.
Navigate text quickly with Sifters that make you a faster reader.
2,000+ unique sifters pre-built and ready to use. We launch new and improved Sifters every week.

LegalSifter Review: Contract Review & Redlining Services

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  • Offload the high-volume low-value contracts to us and spend more time on strategic high-value work.
  • Our lawyers become an extension of your legal team using the same playbooks that you do. Pass contracts on-demand based on need. Collaborate, send, and receive, with easy-to-use workflows specific to your Contract Control Program.
  • Redlining Service Turnaround Times: Send us a draft contract by 1:00 PM US Eastern Time and get it the same day. Send it to us after 1:00 PM US Eastern Time and get it the next day unless expedited.

LegalSifter Organize: Contract Organization & Software Administration

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  • Our team of contract experts will help you define the desired fields to extract from each contract based on your specific business and legal needs.
  • We organize and deduplicate your contracts, map amendments and hierarchies, set up alerts, and tailor your repository to you.
  • Using our AI-powered Sifters and years of contract knowledge, we quickly and accurately extract and verify all needed data fields, giving you complete visibility of what's been signed.
  • Guaranteed Results: Your team expects to find its contracts in 10 seconds or less and never miss a date. If your data isn't at least 99% accurate, we'll fix it at no additional cost.

A few examples:

  • Assigning Rights and Obligations
  • Audits and Inspections of Books and Records
  • Change of Control: Notice Of
  • Confidential Information: Definition
  • Disputed Invoices
  • Event of Default: Definition
  • Export Control, References To
  • Force Majeure: Epidemic
  • Freedom from Defects
  • GDPR: Duration of Data Processing
  • Goods: Recall or Withdrawal
  • Goods: When Title Passes
  • Information Security: Encryption
  • Information Security: Vulnerability Scans
  • Intellectual Property: Transfer
  • Jurisdiction: Establishing Jurisdiction
  • Leases: Go Dark Leases: Paying for Utilities
  • Leases: Rent Payments
  • Medicare Books and Records Access
  • No Soliciting Employees
  • Payment Terms: Failure to Pay
  • Software: No Unlawful Use
  • Software: Warranty of Function
  • Term: Automatic Renewal
  • Termination Assistance

What our clients are saying

Before, I opened a contract and dove in blind. Now I run it through LegalSifter first. LegalSifter Review cuts the time in half, providing more reliability and ensuring compliance.
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See how our solutions can help cure your contract pain.

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