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Predictable pricing for organizations with unpredictable needs.

Some days you need tools. Some days you need arms and legs. You always need expertise. No matter what part of our flexible Contract Control Program you use on any given day, our pricing is transparent and consistent.  


The Contract Control Program can include any combination of: 

The price of our Contract Control Program is based on flexible “Sift Credits” that you can use for creating and managing new contracts, reviewing contracts, having us review contracts for you, and having all your legacy and ongoing signed contracts organized with clean, accurate data to make better business decisions. Use your credits based on your specific needs and priorities. Workflow and approvals, unlimited users, and a secure repository are included at no additional charge.

LegalSifter Review - Only

For those who want to try LegalSifter Review only, try it free for 14 days to see the power of our sifters reading your contracts and providing expert guidance in minutes. You can Sign-up for LegalSifter Review Essentials or our fully configurable LegalSifter Review as a starting point in your Contract Control Program.

LegalSifter Review Essentials

Cut review time in half by consistently identifying missing or risky provisions with AI-guided review. Or we can do it for you. 

LegalSifter Review Contract Control ProgramTM

  • Free playbook set-up for every 100 documents to be sifted 
  • Customize your own playbooks and guidance for each contract type 
  • Access to LegalSifter services to review and redline for you