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LegalSifter Organize®

Find intelligence in mountains of contract language.

World-class contract administration requires an easy deposit process for agreements, easy-to-find information, and clean accurate data for better decision-making.

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Most of the 200+ CLMs on the market have plenty of features. Unfortunately, organizations seldom can manage the features or the contracts themselves after onboarding, leading to failure.

Contract Organization

  • Easy deposit process: Your team signs agreements and sends them to us as they are signed. We'll take care of them and any supporting documents.
  • Easy-to-use storage: We can organize documents and data in your repository, or we can provide one. If you have a CLM, we'll clean up and administer what you have. If you don't have one, we will include one as part of the Contract Control Program.

Data Accuracy

  • We'll use Combined Intelligence® to organize and deduplicate your data, map amendments, set up alerts, and tailor your repository to you.
  • Our team of contract experts will help you define the desired fields to extract and manage based on your specific business and legal needs. That includes.
  • Parent-Child Mapping / Document Hierarchies: We'll organize and map amendments, and attachments, and establish the document hierarchies you need.
  • Guaranteed Results: Your team expects to find its contracts in 10 seconds or less and never miss a date. If your data isn't at least 99% accurate, we'll fix it at no additional cost.

Fast and easy onboarding focused on your needs

LSO Onboarding
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See how our solutions can help cure your contract pain.

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