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Human Expertise

Curing contract pain requires human expertise. AI cannot do it alone.

Contract Control Program clients get access to out-of-the-box and configurable contract templates, playbooks, and provision guidance, written by some of the top subject matter experts in the world like our Chief Content Officer, Ken Adams. We also help our clients organize their contract data with the latest structural strategies built on a decade's worth of experience.


Contract work is hard to do consistently. Everyone wants contract management to be easier, but it's rarely core to what an organization does.
  • Manual work is hard to standardize and do consistently
  • Organizations do not have the time or money to build and maintain the expertise necessary to standardize contract work
  • Team turnover and retraining are impossible when success requires "tribal knowledge" trapped in the brains of a precious few
  • Increasing and changing global regulations make it difficult to keep pace with the latest best practices
  • Understaffed, overworked team members are the norm

Benefits of Our Expertise

Before You Sign:

  • Contract Guidance: We provide out-of-the-box contract negotiation playbooks that include global best practices and guidance, many written by the leading experts on contract language. We also have contract lawyers who can train you on customizing our out-of-the-box guidance to reflect your policies, strategies, and templates.
  • Same-Day or Next-Day Redlining Services: Negotiation of contracts is still a human-to-human endeavor. You need a human-in-the-loop with contract expertise to ensure the AI gets it right and to make judgment calls on edits. We will provide the lawyers to do the review for you on LegalSifter Review on the same or the next business day when you don't have the time.∗

After You Sign:

  • Contract Data Extraction: We have contract expertise embedded in both LegalSifter Organize and our Sifting Services team.

  • CLM Administration: Our Sifting Services team has helped hundreds of global organizations onboard, configure, and administer Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software. They will help you administer any third-party CLM system in the marketplace, including our own - LegalSifter Control - which we give to our Contract Control Program clients for free.

Ken Adams & Our Expert Advisors

Available in LegalSifter Review
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  • Ken Adams, our Chief Content Officer, has an international reputation as the leading expert on contract language. He is the author of the bestselling A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, published by the American Bar Association and now in its 5th edition. He is also the managing director of Adams Contracts, a division of LegalSifter.
  • Ken oversees a network of global subject matter experts who contribute to the expert templates in Adams Contracts and write/review the default guidance available in LegalSifter Review. Examples include: 
    •  Business Associate Agreements:
      • Our guidance was written by Dan Mulholland from Horty Springer, one of the top health law firms in the United States.
    • Software Agreements:
      • Our guidance was created with support from David Tollen, a LegalSifter advisor and author of The Tech Contracts Handbook.
    • Truckload Transportation, Warehousing, and Brokerage:
      • Our advice was created by Transaction Expeditors, a subsidiary of Frost Brown Todd, one of the top truckload transportation law firms in the United States.
    • Intellectual Property: Our guidance was curated by Ned Barlas, a partner in the Business/Corporate and Intellectual Property practice groups at Culhane Meadows.
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